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Charcoal Grilled Lobster Tails with Lime Butter Sauce

Note: This item is a nice summertime appetizer or light entrée.
Preparation Time: Approx. 2-3 hours to prepare and marinate, with and additional 15 to 20 minutes to grill and serve.
Yield: 2 servings

3 each 1¼ lbs. lobster culls
½ cup olive oil
1 tablespoon lime juice
fresh ground black pepper
pinch salt
pinch dry parsley flakes

Kill the lobsters by inserting a sharp knife into the underside of the lobster where the body meets the tail. Remove the tail and cut it in half length wise. Remove the claws. The lobster body and claws can be cooked for use in another recipe or you may discard the body and include the claws in this recipe.
Make a marinade by combining first the lime juice, salt, pepper, and parsley flakes. Next whisk in the olive oil and pour the marinade over the lobster tails and the claws if you elect to use them. If you do use the claws, crack them to allow the marinade to penetrate as much as possible. Allow the lobster to marinate while refrigerated for 2 hours.
Remove the lobster tails from the marinade and place on a hot grill. Save the excess marinade for basting the lobster as it grills. Grill the tails beginning with the meat side down along with the claws, while turning and basting often. Grill over a low to medium fire to prevent over drying. Grill for about 12 minutes or until the tail meat is firm and the shells are well browned. Serve at once with lemon wedges.

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